World première of ‘Dance’

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John is putting the finishing touches to a new piece – a setting of the poem ‘Dance’ by the medieval Persian mystic and poet, Rumi. The work was commissioned by dancer and choreographer, Cecilia Macfarlane, as the overture to her solo performance I’ll Leave You to Yourself Then…

Members of Sospiri will be performing the world première of Dance and they will be joined on stage by the percussionist, Tim Turan.

John says of the new piece:

“We settled on the Rumi poem ‘Dance’, because it spoke directly to Cecilia as a dancer, to me as a singer, and to both of us as human beings. It is simple, direct and startling. Rumi does not mince his words. The music began as a series of sketches built around the five lines of the poem. Each line has its own unique flavour and it was difficult to hear how all the sketches might make a whole. I was inspired by the story of Rumi dancing to the musical rhythms emanating from the goldsmiths as they worked the precious metal in Konya in the 13th century. I decided to colour the different musical sections and link them using percussion …”

Performances are at 6pm and 8pm on Friday 10 June, 2011 at the Pegasus Theatre, Oxford.

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